May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. When we think of healthy lifestyle choices, we should think about the importance of protecting our skin. Skin cancer (including melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer) is the most common of all cancers. Many skin cancers could be prevented if people protected their skin from the sun’s rays and avoided indoor tanning. The 2019 American Cancer Society sun safety campaign gives you ideas and resources for your employees to use to help lower their risk of skin cancer.

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Announcement Template

Kick off your organization’s skin cancer prevention awareness campaign with this message.

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Promotional Messages

Here are some suggestions for activities for you to use in your organization (i.e., lunch and learns), as well as short messages and helpful resources about skin cancer to distribute in company-wide emails, newsletters, or other communication channels.

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Promotional Flyer

Post this flyer in visible areas (such as company bulletin boards, elevators, break rooms, nurses’ stations) to raise your employees’ awareness about sun safety/skin cancer prevention.

Additional Resources

Encourage your employees to learn more about cancer by visiting the American Cancer Society website. Your organization can embed these links within your company intranet.