Eating well and living a physically active lifestyle can have a tremendous effect on reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease and diabetes, too. For employees who do not smoke, the most important things they can do to reduce their risk and stay well are to follow a healthy diet, be more active, and stay at a healthy weight. Here are tips, tools, and resources to help your employees understand the importance of eating well and being more active, as well as suggestions to help you create a workplace that makes it easier for them to make healthier choices.

hand holding red megaphone

Announcement Template

Customize this message and use it to kick off your organization’s nutrition and physical activity awareness campaign.

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Promotional Messages

Here are suggested ways to eat healthier and be more physically active and provides messages to use in your company’s emails, newsletters, intranet, or other communication channels.

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Promotional Flyer

This flyer provides an important message about eating well, being active, and maintaining a healthy weight to help reduce cancer risk. It can be posted in high-traffic areas, such as company bulletin boards, elevators, break rooms, nurses’ stations, etc.

Additional Resources

Encourage your employees to learn more about the resources available through the American Cancer Society. Your organization can embed these links within your company intranet.