Volunteer Staff Partnership Award

The American Cancer Society Volunteer Staff Partnership Award recognizes a volunteer and staff team that models a successful partnership to positively impact the American Cancer Society mission.

Partnerships between volunteers and staff members set the American Cancer Society apart from other organizations. These partnerships are built on relationships, where each partner has a different but equally important role. Both are critical to success at every level.

Partnerships are ever evolving and growing. Partners mutually agree to goals, responsibilities, and actions. They may operate side-by-side in the community, collaborate on projects virtually, or work together across the globe.

There are seven components to a successful partnership: Relationship, Recruitment, Training and Support, Accountability, Communication, Retention, and Recognition. 

Nomination Process

The Volunteer Staff Partnership Award program is managed by Enterprise Volunteer Engagement Team and nominees are selected by the Volunteer Staff Partnership Award Selection Workgroup. The Workgroup carefully reviews each nominee’s application against the specified requirements and sends to the American Cancer Society Board of Directors.

Nomination Requirements

The volunteer staff partnership must have successfully impacted the mission of the American Cancer Society in at least two of the following ways:

  • Increased community engagement
  • Grown revenue 
  • Impact to Mission outcome
  • Enhance Stewardship
  • Increase Partnerships 
  • Create New Opportunities

Ideally, the volunteer and staff were innovative in their strategy and actionable steps can clearly be identified.

Volunteers and staff should have worked together a minimum of one year. 

One partnership will be chosen from each Region, including Global Headquarters for a total of seven winners. 

Download the Volunteer Staff Partnership Award Nomination Form.

Nominations are due May 16, 2019.

For more information, email Caira Turner or call 1-919-334-5235.