March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Use these materials to promote colorectal cancer early detection and prevention awareness to your employees.

hand holding red megaphone

Announcement Template

Customize this leadership message to show your support for increased awareness in colorectal cancer. Use this message to kick off your organization's colorectal cancer awareness campaign.

hand holding phone with contact icons

Promotional Messages

This toolkit gives you short messages and resources on colorectal cancer and other cancer-related topics to distribute year-round in company-wide emails, newsletters, intranet, or other communication channels.

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Promotional Flyers

These flyers give your employees information about colorectal cancer prevention. Post them in high visibility areas such as company bulletin boards, elevators, break rooms, nurses' stations, etc.

Additional Resources

Encourage your employees to learn more about colorectal cancer by visiting the American Cancer Society website. Your organization can embed these links within your company intranet.